Bill Allemand for HD 58

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I very much would like to hear from you. Please complete my survey (poll) below, and if you would like a yard please enter your address in the space provided.

Thank you, Bill Allemand


    Survey Do you believe that the 2nd Amendment should always be protected? Do you believe that CRT should be kept out of Wyoming schools and away from our children? Do you believe in the Right to Life from Conception to natural death? Do you agree with the proposed experimental uranium power plant to be built in Wyoming by Communist China and Bill Gates using Russian uranium? Do you support an income tax in Wyoming? Should gender born males be permitted to compete in girls school sports? Would you support a run off election when the winner must have at least 50% plus one between the top voter getters? Should parents be notified regarding what their students are being taught? Do you believe that federal lands in Wyoming should become Wyoming land with an amendment of no net losses or gains? (Cannot be sold unless like acres or dollar amount are purchased.) There are many challenges in the nation right now. Bill doesn’t have all the answers. He would like to hear from you with your strong opinions and beliefs. Together we might help to make Wyoming stronger and more free. Please feel free to give me some of your concerns below in the space below. Thank your for participating. Would you allow me to place a sign in your yard. If so, provide your address. Thank You, Bill Allemand

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