Bill Allemand for HD 58



High property taxes are nothing new in Natrona County. Now it’s out of control. With the influx of out of state people escaping those liberal cesspools, housing and property values in Natrona County have skyrocketed. Recently, I have received calls form those who find it difficult to pay these burdensome taxes. Our elected officials haven’t been helpful. Rather than trying to solve the dilemma, it has become a political blame game, pointing fingers at one another.

I’ve been told that if the mill levy is reduced, municipalities and the county will loose federal grants and monies, to be used for special funding for their pet projects. Bloated taxes are hurting the retired and middle class most. One lady told me that her property tax increased over 50% from last year. If citizens are paying 50% more tells me that the county is receiving more in revenue. Do they need an increase to do the county’s business? I think not.

Something must be done now. I have few ideas. There must be a way for a property tax rebate from the county, yet permitting the county to still get that sacred federal dole. This would be a short-term fix. Legislation must come from Cheyenne to fix the problem, long term. If I’m elected to HD 58, I will work diligently on a bill that would tax property on the original price paid for your home or property. I would suggest a cap of around 3-5%, or adjust the rate to inflation, which ever is less annually.

It’s clear we are in tough times economically. Those essentials we must have daily, have increased 15% to 50%. Gas and diesel fuel have risen almost 100%. That is unacceptable. This is not the time to increase property taxes.