Bill Allemand for HD 58

Core Values

Human life is sacred the moment of conception to the natural end of life.

2nd Amendment
It’s clear. We the people of the United States have a God given right to buy and use any firearm and ammunition that we believe is necessary to protect life, liberty and property.

Our children are the most important thing we have in life. They are our future. We must protect them from the outrageous teaching of racism found in CRT. The Leftist Progressives are trying to divide this nation by race, income, age, green energy, mask and vaccine mandates, and many other issues. Our most prized gift, our children, are a uniting cause for all parents regardless of political affiliation. We have a responsibility to protect them from teaching that would rob them of their innocence and categorize them as any thing other than God’s creation.

I believe in a balanced energy approach. We should use wind and solar on a limited basis, ensuring that we do no put ourselves in the precarious position of depending solely on “green energy.” I’m very favorable of nuclear power. I believe in new forms of energy, but we need to ensure that the new power plant in Kemmerer does not place us in the dangerous position of being unable to provide power to the citizens of Wyoming. We must drill and dig our way out of these high gas and electric prices. Our mineral industry has always helped to keep our taxes low.

I’m not a tax and spend guy. Never an income tax. We need to base property taxes on the original price when property was purchased. There must be a cap on property taxes passed at the state level that will prevent out of control tax rates. These outrageous taxes are harming people of Wyoming. Taxes are one of the heaviest burdens on the hard working citizens of this great state.

It must be made smaller, leaner, more effective, efficient and in line with the principles of the Constitution. We need to concentrate on our infrastructure (roads, bridges, water lines, snow removal, etc.) and not on every pet project. It’s simple economics-the less we spend the less the tax burden.

Winners & Losers
We shouldn’t be picking winners and losers in commerce by giving state money to some and not others. For example, I oppose giving $4,000,000 to Hollywood moguls and outside interest that may be counter to the interest of Wyoming citizens.

Other Core Values
The above are representative of my Core Values. There are more. I believe in liberty, absolute truth, and the right of people to live free, with minimal government interference. We need to create an environment where we can rear our children without worry of what they are being taught in public schools. We need a place where we can speak freely in the public square where we are not threatened daily that some agency or law enforcement body unlawfully taking our firearms, or skyrocketing taxes on our homes and personal property.

Gender Protection
It’s difficult for me to comprehend that our elected legislature failed to pass a bill that stated if your are born a male, you cannot participate in female sports in Wyoming. Sadly, that’s what happened to SF 0051.

Parental Rights
Further, it’s difficult to believe our elected legislature failed to pass a bill mandating that school officials permit parents to know what their children are being taught in public schools. That’s what happened to SF 0062.

Wyoming’s Conservative Strength
Some believe Wyoming voters are perhaps the most conservative in the United States. Some disagree and believe we need to ensure more liberty minded voters must raise their voices. We did have the highest percentage of citizens voting for President Trump of all the states. Wyoming’s rating for conservative policies coming out of the legislature has a low rating of 12th, according to the American Conservative Union. We must have representation that matches our stated values and platforms.

Individual Freedom to Control Our Health
In a special session, Wyoming legislators failed to pass a law protecting Wyoming workers from being terminated because they refused a vaccination that violated their constitutional right to control their own health. That’s what happened to HB 1001.

These are some of my thoughts, ideas and position statements. I’d like to hear yours. Together, we can win back HD 58 with principled policies, honest representation, longstanding conservative values, and advancing liberty for all constituents.

Bill Allemand
P.O.Box 408
Midwest, WY 82643


Bill and Molly

Bill Allemand For Wyoming House District 58

“House District 58 deserves a Representative who truly believes and supports our Republican values. They deserve a Representative who is honest to a fault and doesn’t sway with the tides of change. They deserve a Representative who puts his heart, soul and mind into everything he does. They deserve a Representative whose concern is for the citizens and not big interest groups. This is the type of person I strive to be on a daily basis and if elected I give you my solemn word to be that type of Representative.”

~ Bill Allemand

How I Would Represent You:

Taxes – I will never be a “tax and spend” Representative! You earned the money in your pocket and you should get to keep more of it. With the rising gas prices and an effort made just this year to increase the fuel tax, a true Republican Representative works to make your life better, not tax you to death.

Responsibility and Transparency Just about every day I hear of an elected official who says one thing and then does the opposite and frankly I’m tired of it. To me, “riding for the brand” is about keeping your word to represent the values you run on all the time, not just during election years.

Private Property – I take great pride in the place I live and I know you do too. Our properties are the place where families are raised and memories are made for a lifetime. I will never vote for any measure that would chip away at your private property rights.