Bill Allemand for HD 58

About Bill

About Me:

I was born in Wyoming and raised right here in Natrona County on my family ranch before graduating high school from Midwest in 1977. I moved to Kansas and raised 4 wonderful children and became a grandfather; yet, my Wyoming roots kept calling me home. I moved back to my family ranch and have owned and operated a small trucking company that transports water in the Salt Creek oil field at Midwest and Edgerton. Throughout my life I have considered myself to be a Liberty-minded Republican who cares deeply about maintaining the way of life that I was blessed to have. The Wyoming Legislature needs strong Conservative Republicans who won’t back down and won’t cave to pressures from lobbyists. I am an active member of the Republican Party and can say that I wholeheartedly support the Republican Platforms and ideals. I am not and never will be a Republican in Name Only! (RINO).